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I work with my clients from the beginning to end of each project. I provide full services for organizations and businesses that may not have the capacity to develop communications and marketing projects.

There are several companies and individuals that offer similar services. I’m much different from these because of my history and passion for the work. I also do a full range of tasks. I love partnering with an organization and helping them to realize their vision from beginning to end, assisting in every single step in between. I enter not as just a production specialist, but as a project manager.

I have access to large amount of professionals and experts to assist in every technical and editorial need possible.

Whether your have a large or small project in mind, together we can get it done!

Below you’ll find what some of my clients have had to say about working with me!

“Hlee Lee is a talented production specialist, who’s technical expertise helped us capture and share the story of Ashlee Consulting. As local entrepreneurs and social justice educators, we were thrilled to partner with such a talented communications professional from Minnesota -our beloved home state- who shares our passion and focus on community empowerment. Hlee’s approachability set us immediately at ease, she is truly a joy to work with!” – Aeriel A. Ashlee, M.Ed., Ashlee Consulting

“I had the pleasure of working with Hlee Lee when we contracted her services for the ‘Minnesota Rising 2015 Un/Conference: The Future In the Form of a Question.’ She produced two wonderful videos for us; the first was our keynote speaker’s address, and the second a short video depicting our network and the ways it works to develop the collective capacity of emerging leaders to impact Minnesota’s future. Hlee was a joy to work with through each aspect of the project: from concept development to filming the event and interviews to editing the footage and final production. She was highly communicative, flexible to our timeline needs, and provided helpful insight and context as we moved through the process. It was her combination of technical savvy and relationship skills that made for such an easy partnership and valuable resulting products. I look forward to working with Hlee again soon!” – Diane Tran, Minnesota Rising

“Hlee Lee has collaborated with the Minnesota Board on Aging to produce several short stories of Minnesota seniors and their experience with the Senior LinkAge Line® A One Stop Shop for Minnesota Seniors. Hlee successfully uses her skilled background in video production and storytelling to share the experiences of others in another point of view that seniors from all around Minnesota can relate to.” – Krista Boston, Minnesota Board on Aging’s Senior LinkAge Line®

“We’ve worked with Hlee on a number of occasions and keep going back to her because of her professionalism, high quality video production, and how quickly and swiftly she is able to create videos for us. From initial conversations she is able to grasp the concept and vision and carry it out. We always have a ton of edits and changes for her to make and she does them quickly and without hesitation. We look forward to continuing to work with Hlee!” – Bruce Thao, Hmong American Partnership/Hmong National Development

“Hlee has helped our 42-year-old nonprofit with marketing our programs and services. Because of the sensitive nature of our Mission and specific clientele, Hlee was incredibly respectful, used complete discretion and provided a very comfortable and gentle approach when taping our clients. The end product was beautifully produced, touching and has proved to be very valuable as we share it with our existing donors and affiliates across the country; it’s working so well that we are now set up to market to future donors for months to come.”  – Elizabeth Stannard, HEART Inc.

“I feel very fortunate to have found Hlee Lee when I was searching for someone to assist me on two shoots I had in Minneapolis earlier this year. Hlee is a very talented film-maker in her own right and she brings her expertise and passion to my productions as well. For shoots I had at General Mills and at Target HQ’s, she had a great rapport with the executives and made them feel very comfortable as she conducted the interviews. She relieved me of a lot of the coaching I usually have to do and I was able to focus on the filming and audio. At the same time, she also has a very good eye for detail and we worked together as a team on these first two shoots as if we have worked together for a very long time.

As my production partner, Hlee displayed high professionalism and integrity and I would highly recommend her as a producer on a project, much less in any support position.” – Brad Ruekberg, Channel Three Productions

“I worked with Hlee on a video shoot and was impressed with her skills! She was friendly, professional, and passionate all while making a video for a great cause. I look forward to working with her in the future!” –  Kimberly Sun, model/actress

“Hlee produced a number of programs for our MN Productions department while we were at Twin Cities Public Television. A couple programs that I thought were particularly terrific: Sexy without Sex, Getting There, and Love of Car. Hlee had a can do attitude, positive storytelling process, and calm demeanor that got the job done right. I always appreciated those attributes about her.” – Teresina Evans