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Some call it crazy, but we love charts, color coordination, calendars and to-do lists! After producing projects from beginning to end, working with a variety of different people in all stages of life, we’ve come to realize the skill we have of organizing, developing programs and management. We can see the big picture and visualize the path to make it happen. 

We are a linear thinkers, visual teachers, and goal oriented managers. We understand and respect deadlines, quality, and commitment. We are teachers at heart and strive to see our team succeed in any situation. We build teams that are enthusiastic, talented and dedicated. 

Our determination and ability to imagine, create and complete are at your service! 




We are professionals with knowledge of cultural diversity, specifically as it relates to various applications in the workplace. In 2016, we developed a model for diversity training in the Twin Cities using short, fun videos and artists of color (this model is in progress as I seek funds to complete it). 

Diversity in the workplace is as important as ever, and has garnered some much-needed mainstream attention. Create an inclusive and welcoming workplace for all workers. Retain workers better. Gain new and crucial members of your team. We can help consult and advise you as you better-fit your work environment for a diverse and engaged workforce.