A Brief History

omg was built out of community need. When POC/I have stories to share, there is no central, mainstream place for them to do this. A collaborative effort is in the works to enhance community building and affect change. omg came out of a passion for bringing people of all backgrounds together and celebrate our lives through storytelling. Find our stories here.


Hlee Lee-Kron

omg was created by Twin Cities entrepreneur Hlee Lee-Kron.  

Hlee is a community based, globally minded storyteller in the Twin Cities. She is a photographer, communications professional, program manager, and organizational guru with a passion for telling community based stories with a global twist. She is a process-minded person, seeing the big picture, visualizing the path and building the steps to make it happen. 

Hlee began her career as a young journalist working on a program for youth of color by youth of color. Through this experience, she was not only introduced to the production world, but also the world of diverse storytelling and organizing; understanding that everyone has their own story and their own journey, and those who not from the dominant culture rarely get their stories told by the mainstream media.

15 years later, she continues to follow her passion for diverse storytelling working as a producer and as an independent contractor, developing my management and development skills.  Hlee has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of St. Thomas and have extensive experience working in diverse communities.

Her work has led to many opportunities working with and mentoring young artists, emerging and aspiring artists, students, elders, LGBTQ communities, health workers and educators. She works with communities from beginning to end of every project, through every step in enhancing their message.

A true Minnesotan, Hlee is an avid fisher and camper. She also enjoys traveling and sharing stories across the world. Hlee currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota with her husband, Jim Kron, and their two dogs, Lily and Carley (who have their Instagram account @kronsisters).

You can request a copy of Hlee’s resume here.

Check out testimonials from Hlee's former and current partners. 


Below are some of the community leaders who have helped us to hone the work we do, as well as keep me honest. :) They are active and inspirational community members, with whom we like to work with.

Anthony Galloway, Umoja Consulting  

Anthony has a background in ethnic studies and diasporic arts education. He is an African storyteller, drummer, and race equity consultant with 15 years of student and adult development experience. He specializes in cultural intersections and narrative therapy. He is currently and MDiv candidate at United Theological Seminary.

Umoja Consulting practices the "lean-in." That means that we see every hard, nuanced, or even awkward conversation as our greatest opportunity to grow.  We can help ensure that any event, conversation, initiative, or program uses a lens of equity and diversity.  Most importantly, we can help your organization develop a "lean-in" culture that seeks out the the kind of diverse perspectives and thinking that builds success.

Maryanne Quiroz, Indigenous Roots

Mary Anne Quiroz is a dedicated and passionate community activator for arts and culture. As co-founder of Indigenous Roots and Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli, Mary Anne has been practicing and promoting indigenous Mexica Nahua dance and traditions for over 20 years together with her family.  

Indigenous Roots is dedicated to building, supporting, and cultivating opportunities for Indigenous peoples and communities of color through cultural arts and activism.

Chao Yang, Nexus Community Partners

Kristine Sorensen, In Progress

Kristine Sorensen is the founder and executive director of In Progress.  She has been a practicing teaching artist since 1987 and has developed several program models in the field of digital arts learning.  She has 30 years experience teaching digital media workshops and residencies for youth, adult artists and educators.   Sorensen is a skilled grants writer, educator, and developer.  She has mentored many artists in her 30 years of teaching, that are now breaking down barriers as digital art makers.  Her awards include the Jerome Travel Study Award, Saint Paul Leadership In Neighborhoods Award, and the Sally Arts Initiative Award.

In Progress’s purpose is to diversify cultural dialogue and pave the way for new voices in the field of digital art making.   In Progress provides opportunities for artists of all ages to develop their skills as digital storytellers  and leaders through the use of photography, video, and music.  This small non-profit has been promoting the voices of  new and emerging artists since its inception in 1996, breaking down barriers of geography, class, education, and culture in the process.   We use digital art making as a tool for public discourse, while building the skills of new makers so they may create, teach and lead.